New gTLDs "only"

  • I write SWOT analysis to ensure that applying for .BRAND new gTLD is necessary for a Trademark;
  • Helping new gTLD applicants to prepare their launching and offer massive buzz to teach potential Registrants;
  • I write about new gTLDs on the online press in French, in English. I also allow the use of my name for specific articles;
  • I help brands to monitor the ICANN new gTLD program updates;
  • Offering new gTLD and domain name consulting, promote new gTLD projects worldwide at Jovenet Consulting;
  • I offer a local presence in Paris for new gTLD applicants based abroad;
  • I connect new gTLD applicants with the right advisory services;
  • I provide an advice on the market targeted by the application;
  • According to the project and/or level of investment, I help connect to actual existing applicants and/or investors;
  • I hunt for new gTLD "Community endorsements";
  • Editing a newsletter about new gTLDs "only";
  • In regard to "Round 2" of the ICANN new gTLD program, I am interested in:
    • investing in new gTLD projects;
    • leading new gTLD projects.

An independent domain name Consultant

My experience as a Corporate Registrant, then working for Corporate and Retail Registrars allows me to offer experienced independent consulting (I do not sell domain names). I work within companies dealing directly with people to solve problems related to domain names. I help brands face the new gTLD wave with most of their questions:

  • "Who" is doing "what" in my industry?
  • How do I prepare before a new domain name extension is launching?
  • How do I track a launching?
  • Which domain names should I or should I not register?
  • How should I protect my brands and where do I start?
  • What is the use of the Trademark Clearinghouse? How to proceed?
  • Domain name monitoring;
  • Domain name brokerage services: I help recover domain names: note this is not about paying a cyber squatter or a domainer. It happens the right speech solves many problems according to who calls and who picks up the phone;
  • Domain name policies;
  • Large domain name portfolio owners:
    • how to organize?
    • how to simplify the registration process?
    • how to centralize the domain name activity?
    • how to kill costs?
  • Change Registrar (and monitor the changing if necessary);
  • Domain name portfolio analysis and suggestions.