A new gTLD Consultant

2012 up to now: Jovenet Consulting (France), Consultant.

Jovenet Consulting

Experience developing new gTLD offers for Jovenet Consulting:

  • New gTLDs application SWOT analysis: this offer provides the analysis of a new gTLD project - prior to investing in its ICANN application - focusing on the pointing out of the minuses of competing applications (non technical). This analysis is a must have for:
    • Applicants wondering if they should submit an application for their Trademark;
    • Applicants with a possible string in competition;
    • A candidate (brand or other non-applicant) who could object to the application;
  • For generic Top-Level Domains dedicated to selling domains:
    • Promotion solutions for new gTLD applicants: this offer allows new gTLD applicants to promote their domain name extension, in a way that future registrants (users) are informed and ready to buy, before and after the registry has launched.
    • Promotion solutions for new gTLD service providers: this offer allows service providers to promote themselves, in a way that future applicants are informed about their existence.
  • For Trademarks, "ICANN new gTLD program monitoring":
    • This offer allows brand owners to monitor competitors during the ICANN validation process and behave accordingly;
    • This offer also allows non-applicants to monitor possible future infringements to their brands.
  • A local contact based in France.
  • New gTLD related information for Law Firms, IP Departments, Journalists, Webmasters and domain name specialists: Jovenet Consulting offers the largest information network about new gTLDs on several Platforms:
    • and its Newsletter;
    • LinkedIn (The "New generic Top-Level Domains (new gTLDs)" group).
  • An author: Jean Guillon writes about new gTLDs on several publication platforms such as CircleId (503.507+ views), JournalDuNet (in French), Les Echos, etc...

Since 2008: ICANN Working Groups.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has lots of working groups dedicated to preparing the next round of the ICANN new gTLD program:

  • Generic Top-Level Domains (AT-LARGE);
  • EPDP (GNSO).

A new gTLD Applicant

2009 - 2011: Project DotVinum (France), Founding member.

Experience developing the dotVinum project:

  • Search for a financial partner;
  • Study of new gTLD back-end registry providers' offers;
  • Answers of the non technical 50 questions of the applicant guidebook;
  • Business plan;
  • Rules to apply for a .wine - .vino and .vin domain names;
  • Restrictions;
  • Communication plan;
  • Sunrise & Landrush periods.

2011 - 2012: Famous Four Media (Gibraltar), Consultant. (now

Experience working for FAMOUS FOUR MEDIA, a global provider of services to the gTLD industry, from September 2011 up to February 2012:

  • Team leader/Consultant;
  • Collecting data for new gTLD string analysis;
  • In charge of collecting answers to question 18 for seven new gTLDs from a team of applicants;
  • Providing figures for the .wine new gTLD;
  • Applications concerned: .bid - .accountant - .date - .download - .faith - .loan - .trade - .men - .win - .webcam - .science - .review - .party - .cricket - .racing - .stream - .charity - .hotel - .music - .rugby - .sport

A Corporate Registrar

2008 - 2011: INDOM (France), acquired by Group NBT - NetNames (UK).

Experience working for INDOM, the French Corporate Registrar, from July 2008 up to August 2011:

  • Personalised Top Level Domain development for Brands and Corporations;
  • Active 3 years promotion of the INDOM new gTLD's offer;
  • Registries feasibility studies;
  • Domain name portfolio consulting;
  • Administrative and Technical domain name management;
  • Top-Level Domains chronicles in;
  • Applications concerned: .paris - .hermes - .translations - .canalplus and more.

A Registrar Comparison Tool

2008: Cuzco (Luxembourg), Int. Business Development Manager. &

Experience working for OFINDO, the only domain name provider search engine, from April 2008 to June 2008:

  1. Participation to the development of the Ofindo search engine;
  2. Cuzco future products and actual developments;
  3. Project Management.

A Retail Registrar

2008 : Gandi SAS (France), Corporate Manager.

Experience working for Gandi SAS, a French retail Registrar, from January 2008 to April 2008:

  • Creation of the Gandi Corporate project;
  • "Price, Product, Promotion, Place";
  • Project management.

A Domain name Consultant

2007: RegisTrust (France), Domain name portfolio Management.

Experience launching and selling RegisTrust, from July 2007 to January 2008:

  • Independent domain name consulting with a “cost killing” approach;
  • Choice of a the right Registrar taking budget into account;
  • Providing problem-solving solutions for the day-to-day management of the domain name portfolio;
  • Company, domains & brand were successfully sold.

A Retail and Corporate Registrar

2006 - 2007: CSC Corporate Domains (UK), Professional Services. /

Experience working for CSC Corporate Domains, a corporate Registrar, from 2006 to 15 of July 2007:

  • Domain name consultant on domain name portfolio management;
  • Online Brand protection consultancy;
  • Client services partner.

A Registry

2005 - 2006: EURid (Belgium), Support Officer.

EURid is established in Belgium, and has been selected by the European Commission to operate the new .EU Top-Level Domain on Internet.

Experience working for EURid, the Registry for .EU Top Level Domains:

  • Support Officer at EURid;
  • In charge of validating Accredited Registrars’ agreement;
  • In charge of processing Registrars’ payments;
  • Customer support during Sunrise periods, Landrush 1 and Landrush 2;
  • Solving issues on multiple accredited Networks.

A Registrant (Corporate)

2004: Purchase and Communication department at Airbus.

  1. Mission 1 on deployment of the internal E-sourcing tool in the purchasing department;
  2. Mission 2 on the domain name’s portfolio strategy and future online advertising prior to launching of A380.

Experience as a Registrant working for AIRBUS SAS within the communication department:

  • In charge of Airbus’ domain name strategy in 2004;
  • Wrote the domain name registration policy;
  • Worked on domain name portfolio cost reduction;
  • Master degree Thesis: “Monetizing the domain name portfolio”.