The "I" page

Who "I" am

The "I" page is a page dedicated to things such as:

What I like:

  1. The Sea Cleaners: a boat using tools to remove the floating plastic macro-waste using an on board factory to collect, sort, compact and store plastic waste. I see a start of a solution here;
  2. Niche TLDs, they are the best identity an industry, a group or a business can match its name with;
  3. I traveled quite a lot and find this exciting, I worked abroad: I like to taste new foods too ;-)
  4. France, French culture and its food. UK, Spain and their culture;
  5. Android, G Suite and Nomulus;
  6. A straight approach, get to the point;
  7. Foie-gras: there is a French company which has just invented a new way to feed ducks without hurting them. French can be civilized sometimes;
  8. Tacos;
  9. Beano;
  10. Gérard Depardieu;
  11. Occitanie;
  12. Learning to code on Codecademy.

What I have done:

  1. Jovenet Consulting is a company that I started in 2012, a few years ago: I am still around and have increased my visibility;
  2. I lived in other countries, it contributed a lot to my understanding of the world and decisions that I take.

What I don't like:

  1. French strikes for ridiculous reasons. Unions are a problem to France's economy: the way the SNCF AirFrance behave can be a nonsense sometimes;
  2. Crap TV: I don't understand why some programs contribute to making people stupid;
  3. Eat tripe and Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

What I want:

  1. New gTLDs to develop more and contribute to their innovation (project John Wolley, etc...);
  2. Operate and develop my own TLD (ongoing);
  3. Work for and promote a single backend registry solution provider, a multiple registry, an innovative Corporate or retail Registrar, or another leader operating on (or for) the new gTLD market.

What I wish:

  1. French politicians were more efficient. I quite like our President's action: "he does things" but I'd like more consideration when spending billions on stupid and useless projects such as new fast train lines (Bordeaux/Toulouse) or the ultra expensive and badly renewed contract for the Velib' in Paris. This is a torture when you belong to those who pay taxes;
  2. Ecology was more present in actual's French government decisions;
  3. French presidential mandates were longer than 5 years: 10 years minimum;
  4. The price of .BRAND new gTLDs (dotbrands) to lower at the ICANN;
  5. A procedure to submit a new gTLD application "made simple";
  6. Backend registries to "wake up". Backends are too expensive and registries can't develop for this reason too;
  7. My brain was faster to code ;-)

What I love:

  1. My wife and three kids;
  2. Planting trees;
  3. Hot-dogs and a good "coq au vin";
  4. The "Tarn";
  5. Sète;
  6. Monopolies..such as the one offered by Registries;

A bio is one thing but who I am is far more interesting I believe. This page is for diggers. I sometimes add/change things here.